Lost “Adrift”

Cool: Did you notice that weird octagon logo on everything in Desmond’s bunker? Suggests that something corporately wicked is involved somehow and may point towards a shadowy, X-Files-style conspiracy.
Cooler: Another one of those sublimely hair-raising endings: Michael and Sawyer stagger to shore, exhausted but alive... and then here comes Jin running out of the jungle, beaten and bloodied, tied to a post, and jabbering in Korean. It’s not clear what he’s saying until you hear the one English word – “Others.” Cut to a group of wild-looking people wielding clubs, charging at the camera, silhouetted by the sun. And then cut to black. End of episode.
Huh?: The writers inexplicably rely on a number of clichés in this episode. The Cheese Fry can maybe let slide the stale, familiar custody battle legal showdown with Michael and his ex, but not the decision to let Kate escape from danger by using an air vent. An air vent? Seriously? That hasn't been believable since the 1980s.
Falling: Michael – He’s still by far the most irritating character. Despite the fact that Sawyer gave Michael CPR and arguably saved his life after the raft sank, Michael doesn’t hesitate to give Sawyer all kinds of snotty self-righteous, poor-me attitude. If only the Others had taken him instead of Walt.
Rising: Sawyer – When’s the last time you saw a guy in prime time dig a bullet out of his arm? Exactly.

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