Lost “The Hunting Party”

Cool: Obviously, it’s the moment when Jack, Sawyer, and Locke unexpectedly meet the Others in the woods.
Cooler: The Others know somehow that our heroes have found the hatch. Is there still a spy in their midst? Even better, the leader of the Others quotes Alvar Hanso, the funder of the Dharma Initiative, for the first time clearly linking the Dharma backstory to the Others. Are the Others remnants of that 1970s Dharma test?
Good Line: “You cross that line and we go from a misunderstanding to something else.” – the bearded spokesperson of the Others, whom Sawyer dubs Zeke, warning our heroes to stay on their side of the island, raising much speculation as to what exactly the Others are hiding on their side.
Better Line: “How long do you think it’d take to train an army?” – Jack to Ana-Lucia in the episode’s last scene, suggesting where Jack’s interests lie. This connects nicely with wife Sarah’s flashback assessment that Jack always needs “something to fix.” Now that Jack’s met the Others, it seems he views them as a problem that needs to be fixed.
Falling (tie): Michael (a mainstay in the Cheese Fry “Falling” list), who’s knocked out Locke and gone off looking for Walt with a stolen gun. Everyone saddles up to chase after him. Why don’t they just let him go? It’d be so much nicer for everyone without Michael’s constant wild-eyed ranting about how the Others took his son as if anyone could possibly forget that detail.

Falling (tie): Jack, whose reaction to the Others is strange bordering on annoying. These are mysterious, scary figures yet Jack is very cocky and aggressive with them, almost daring them to attack. For what purpose, other than to continue to embrace his self-imposed role as Fearless Survivor Dictator/Leader? If anyone on the island needs to take a chill pill, it's Jack.

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