What Hollywood really thinks

Radar anonymously polled 50 Hollywood insiders to dish the dirt on the industry power players. We all knew Russell Crowe is a "Nightmare Actor" and Brett Ratner's the "Biggest Hack" but would have figured Ron Howard's partner Brian Grazer was the "Biggest Credit Hog"?


It's Never Enough

1. Ikea
2. Dazed and Confused
3. Left-turn arrows
4. Snuffers Restaurant

5. Madden NFL Football
6. Central air conditioning
7. TV ads for Geico car insurance
8. Rachel McAdams
9. "Battlestar Galactica"
10. Newcastle Pale Ale
11. Elmore Leonard
12. The deep touchdown pass

13. Steve Nash
14. Stand-alone (not the mythology) “X-Files” episodes
15. Stone Temple Pilots’ “Plush”

16. “Survivors ready…. Go!”
17. The Cinerama Dome
18. “The Price is Right”

19. The Dixie Chicks
20. Astroburger
21. “Robot Chicken”
22. ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas
23. Tom Brady

24. Writer Chuck Klosterman
25. Netflix

26. The Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times
27. Cold fronts
28. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
29. New carpet under your bare feet
30. Drivers who wave after you let them in

31. Stephen Colbert
32. The beep-pop sound effects of TiVo
33. Sirius satellite radio and uncensored Howard Stern
34. Pointless lists