7.3 ways to win at “Survivor”

1. Lie, just don’t get caught. At least not by people in a position of power.
2. Stay charming. Do what you can to avoid making enemies.
3. Do whatever you can to bring with you to the Final Two an unlikable or undeserving tribemate.
3.1. To leave nothing to chance, this may require cutting a deal during the final individual immunity challenge.
4. Choose your alliances wisely. It’s always better to hitch your wagon to dominant players, although it can be hard to tell who’s going to be dominant in the early stages.
4.1. But always be willing to abandon a crumbling alliance in the name of self-preservation.
5. Pick your persona: either stay “under the radar” (Vecepia, Amber) and lie low or become a “steamroller” (Richard, Tom) and dare the others to attack. To try and do both tends to make one seem needlessly wishy-washy and thus unlikable.
6. When answering the jury’s questions, be tactful and deferential.
6.1. And don’t be afraid to tell the jury (tactfully, deferentially) that you played the game better than them and therefore deserve to win. Juries seem to like honesty as opposed to hollow rationalization and slippery vagueness.
7. The only way to win the $1 million is to keep your eye on the ball and not let sentiment or friendship or morality get in the way. Sad, but true.

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