Battlestar Galactica "Scattered"

Cool: The Galactica using “FTL” – this is a show that loves acronyms – to safely zap away from a Cylon attack... only to realize that a absent-minded procedural error has separated them from the rest of the fleet, which zapped to some other unknown location. Uh oh.
Cooler: The apparent crash of aCylon ship into the Galactica that wasn’t an accidental crash (or a Colonial victory) at all, but rather a clevert tactic to put on board an invasion force of Cylon Centurions. After weeks of interaction with the human-copy Cylons, it’s good to finally see a return of the robot Cylons.
Huh?: Enough already with the tedious nonsense between Baltar and Six, taken here to a new low with this weirdo baby dream sequence. It's clearly meant to be Very Important, but all it does it make you go for the "Fast Forward" button on the TiVo. And what was at first a cool piano plink-plink soundtrack that accompanied Six’s scenes is now just plain irritating.
Best Line: “The bitch took my ride.” – Starbuck, upon seeing that Boomer has flown off in the Cylon Raider, just moments after she was preventing from killing Boomer by a lovestruck Helo.
Falling: Boomer – She’s annoying in both “copies.” Yeah, yeah, it’s supposed to be poignant the way she’s grappling with her human side and her Cylon side, carrying out missions of violence at the same time feeling the twinge of human emotions. But she’s mostly just pathetic, like her inability to kill herself with a space-age blaster gun pointed right under her chin.
Rising: Tigh – This was a showcase episode for actor Michael Hogan, tracing Tigh’s tortured efforts to overcome a self-stated fear of command and step out of Adama’s shadow (taking a risk perhaps that “the old man” Adama may have never considered) to save the fleet. Tigh may be the show’s most complex character, equal parts grouchy loser and loyal soldier.

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