Battlestar Galactica "Final Cut"

Cool: Thanks to interviews conducted by TV reporter D’anna Biers, we get a few glimpses into the minor characters’ backstories, like learning that poor Dee got into a nasty argument with her father and stopped speaking to him just three weeks before the Cylons attacked. Guilt trip, anyone?
Cooler: Were the Cheese Fry a pathetic loser sci-fi convention nerd, mention would have to be made here of the pleasantly gratuitous scene of sweaty Starbuck pounding a punching bag while wearing a skimpy sports bra. But we’re not, so we won’t.

Coolest: Experiencing the battle between the Vipers and two attacking Cylon Raiders strictly from the claustrophobic POV of the Galactica CIC and hangar crews, everyone intently focused on the static-garbled radio chatter, necks craned to squint dramatically at the display screens to try and get a sense of what was happening out there. Good stuff.

Huh?: Are the Cylons trying to exterminate humanity or procreate with it? It can’t be both, can it? Moments after the Cylon “attack” is foiled, the show cuts to a group of human Cylons who are watching the D’anna footage and squeal with delight to learn that Caprica-Boomer’s baby is still alive.

Best Line: “They’ll put Adama on a pedestal and hang you out to dry” – Ellen Tigh, doing her Lady MacBeth routine again to work Colonel Tigh into a lather over his role in the infamous Gideon Massacre.

Falling: Baltar – Yeah, it was kind of funny to see him pace around nonchalantly near reporter D’anna in a pathetic attempt to get her to notice him and ask him for an interview. But is that kind of goofiness a good fit for this brooding show?

Rising: D’anna Biers – This is one crafty cookie, obligingly pouring Tigh a drink to loosen him up for his sit-down interview with her... and then revealing herself to be a frackin’ Cylon! Extra credit for doing all of this in Lucy Lawless’ Australian accent.

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