Knee-jerk review: Fox's "The Mob Doctor"

1. Are they kidding with that title?  It's just begging to be mocked.  How can you not say it in a deep, booming Phil Hartman voice?
2. Yes, she's a brilliant surgeon who fights insensitive bureaucracy, performs cutting-edge surgery, and has the gritty no-nonsense backbone of a girl born on the wrong side of the tracks... who happens to be played by a cute blonde thirtysomething actress.
3. Nothing much is subtle here.  It's all way over the top, rife with coincidence and contrivance, and relayed to the audience in big flashing letters.  Case in point: why be cagey and crafty in complaining about your boss when you can just make a big scene that humiliates him in a way that insures he'll become a mortal enemy?
4. The last 20 minutes or so did have our complete attention.  It's one thing to suture bullet holes for dimwitted button men, but another to commit a premeditated in-surgery execution of a federal witness.  Isn't that right, Mob Doctor?  Rule one of being a Mob Doctor: don't make the mob angry.
5. We get it.  It's "The Sopranos" meets "Grey's Anatomy."  Don't think that's not how it got pitched to Fox.  And we admit it is compelling in a cheesy sort of way.
6. And this show was apparently based on a book.  What?  It's true.  Really.
7. East Dillon QB1 Matt Saracen's not old enough to be a doctor, people.  But there he is, delivering a lot of the episode's best lines.
8. Zeljko Ivanek is one of those actors we'd watch read a deli menu.  You thought we were going to say "phone book," didn't you?
9. Though the pilot ends on a note of intrigue, we probably won't be back.

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