Knee-jerk review: AMC's "The Walking Dead"

1. We love zombies.  We just can't believe that so many other people love zombies.  This premiere scored the biggest TV ratings of the season.  Including broadcast networks.  That isn't supposed to happen, not in a world where cable shows must usually be content with tiny ratings.  But this is a monster (pun maybe intended) hit.
2. Who's this cute blonde girl in the group?  We assume she's a Herschel Daughter, but we don't remember seeing her before.  We understand why little Carl would be smitten.  
3. A fairly grim opening, showing our heroes existing in a hollowed-eye state of exhaustion and barely-hanging-on survival.  It looked like little Carl was about to eat dog food, for crying out loud.
4. Could you take a hatchet to someone's leg?  Even if you had to?
5. Lori remains annoying.  We can't even stop ourselves from irrationally blaming her for being pregnant during a zombie outbreak and causing all of this extra trouble for everyone.
6. Doesn't Daryl get tired of pointing that crossbow?  It looks really, really heavy.
7. What's the deal with Michonne's zombie pets?  Is there a purpose other than to look like a bad-ass?
8. At some point, we really should read the comic.  We know that.
9. This was probably the most bloody and gory episode of the whole series.  Exhibit A: that one zombie dude whose skin got peeled off its skull.  Yuck.
10. We were wondering about the ammunition supply.
11. "This isn't a democracy."

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