Knee-jerk review: "The Other Boleyn Girl"

1. The Cheese Fry still can't decide whether or not Scarlett Johansson is a good actress. She's sublime in Lost in Translation, charming in The Nanny Diaries, but a disaster in The Black Dahlia and In Good Company.
2. It's not the polite period drama you might expect. This one's got a darker, more tragic vibe, centering as it does on the sad moral collapse of Anne Boleyn.
3. Eric Bana is a man's man. (See also: Clooney, George; Craig, Daniel; Ford, Harrison; Quaid, Dennis; Wahlberg, Mark)
4. PG-13 apparently means no royal decapitation on screen. And no nudity. This in a movie that's all about affairs and executions.
5. The dialogue really crackles. And it's so beautifully economical, conveying so much in so few words. Thank you, Peter Morgan. He's also the reason why The Queen was so good.
6. What's with all of the stillbirths and miscarriages back in those days?
7. The Duke of Norfolk (played by David Morrissey) is one cold-blooded mofo. That is no joke, people.
8. Kristin Scott Thomas is looking old.
9. Jim Sturgess is starting to grow on us. We'll forgive his involvement in the abomination that was Across the Universe. That'll be his one mulligan.
10. The moral of the story: nothing good comes from a greedy, ambitious grab for power and money, especially in the court of Henry VIII. Also: men will do incredibly self-destructive things to get a girl into bed.

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