The hiatus is over!

In television, a "hiatus" refers to a short pause in a show's broadcast schedule when a network temporarily takes an under-performing show off the air for a few weeks. In reality, "hiatus" is code for "cancellation," a kind way of quietly removing a show from the schedule without the humiliation of announcing its been cancelled. It's only after audiences have forgotten about it does the bad news come out.

The good news is that the Cheese Fry has not been cancelled. It really was on an August hiatus.

But now we're back, leaner and meaner than ever. For those handful of people who expressed sadness at our lack of postings... thanks! We didn't know anyone was actually out there.


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Welcome Back! You were missed. :-) -Kel

  2. Taco Salad is happy to see things moving along again.

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Im glad that The Cheese Fry is back too, but isn't somebody supposed to be writing on a script and not blogging? Hmmm

  4. Anonymous7:15 AM

    sooo glad you're back!