Please go away and don't ever come back

Wouldn't the sudden and irrevocable disappearance of the following characters make for a more enjoyable 2010? Not to mention 2011.

* The New York Yankees
* lazy post office clerks
* Dick Cheney, obviously
* Jay Leno
* Paula Abdul
* people who talk on their cell phone while in line at the supermarket checkout
* Jon and Kate Gosselin and whatever skanks they have dated or will date or might date
* Brett Favre
* Sarah Palin, obviously
* Paris Hilton, always on lists like these
* the producers and insufferable hosts of "TMZ," "Extra," "Entertainment Tonight," "The Insider," et al
* Raiders owner Al Davis
* people who inexplicably refuse to move their stalled car out of the traffic
* Penelope Cruz (search your feelings - you know it to be true)
* the people who keep renewing the CW's "One Tree Hill"
* Whoopi Goldberg


  1. tina riddell9:11 AM

    how did "one tree hill" make it on this list? you must watch it to know about it:)

  2. I have to disagree about the Old Man. I appreciate someone older than me still playing football. It makes me feel like anything is possible.

  3. The Cheese Fry6:23 PM

    Inexplicably, Mrs. Cheese Fry is a "OTH" viewer so by osmosis - as we pass through the living room - we are witness to the horrible plotting and dialogue.