Non-knee-jerk review: "The Lovely Bones"

1. We can’t be sure (because we read the novel so long ago), but it seems like the filmmakers changed quite a bit of the story.
2. Sorry, Rachel Weisz. We cared not a whit about your annoying character. We're not even completely convinced you didn't have an affair with the detective.
3. Some truly amazing, beautiful imagery in Susie’s limbo afterlife. Example: the tree whose leaves turn into birds that fly away. Like, wow.
4. We liked it, but we can’t say that we loved it. Every beat felt so… very... drawn… out. Didn’t need be so long. As David Spade once famously joked about Malcolm X: “It’s called an editor. Hire one.”
5. Susan Sarandon sure looked like she was having fun. How old is she now, anyway?
6. No way Susie’s classmate crush was anywhere near her in age. Dude looked 25 at least. That’s the kind of poor casting choice that drives us crazy.
7. We think the killer got off kind of easy, too.
8. What was the purpose of the fake-looking contacts for Stanley Tucci? Distracting.
9. Remember the days of having to go get your film developed?
10. Without question, a movie about the rape and murder of a teen girl isn’t as escapist as it might have been a year ago, before we had a daughter of our own.

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