Knee-jerk review: "Tron Legacy"

1. Pretty pictures for sure.
2. At first we didn't like it much, but there is something intriguing about the film's central theme about the impossible pursuit of perfection and the unintended consequences of such a folly. We find that sort of fresh.
3. The younger, CGI'd Jeff Bridges is pretty laughable. Like something out The Polar Express. Great idea, though.
4. The plot seems needlessly convoluted and confusing. And packed full of cheesy, on-the-nose dialogue. Could have used another rewrite or two.
5. We never thought Olivia Wilde was that hot. Guess she is.
6. Lightcycles, meet lightjets. Cool.
7. The music, by Daft Punk, is nothing short of incredible. Best part of the movie without question.
8. We didn't know Bruce Boxleitner was in this movie. An unexpected surprise.
9. If Encom is the Microsoft of this world, how is it that its sleek corporate headquarters is seemingly guarded (on the eve of its newest OS release, no less) by a single pudgy, middle-aged security guard? It's this kind of narrative implausibility that drives us crazy.
10. We do have fond memories of the 1982 original. We even turned a plastic frisbee into an identity disk. Yes, we were one of those kinds of ten-year-olds.
11. Michael Sheen is certainly having a good time. The movie could have used more of that sort of energy and edge. It's almost like he stepped in from another, better film.
12. It's all fairly somber and humorless. There's one laugh line in the whole movie, involving Jules Verne, of all things.
13. If the portal is so easy to get to from the grid, why don't more programs try to use it to escape?
14. Curious to see if wide audiences (beyond the nerd niche, we mean) turn this into a hit and validate Disney's unusual decision to sequelize a film that's little more than a cult novelty.
15. Overall, a disappointment. And we had low expectations.

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