Knee-jerk review: "21 Jump Street"

1. It's really, really good. Yeah, we're just as surprised as you.
2. Sure, we watched a few episodes of the Fox TV show back in the late 1980s, but we weren't what you'd call fans. We remember best the episode where Johnny Depp's girlfriend got shot dead in a convenience store and he became obsessed with the fact that he could have done more to stop it.
3. Man, there are a lot of penis jokes in this movie. And most of them are funny.
4. Brie Larson. Like, wow.
5. Jonah Hill's bumbling goofball act is wearing a little thin at this point. It's probably a good thing that he's branching out into more dramatic roles like Moneyball.
6. Korean Jesus.
7. Comedies don't get much respect at all from the cineaste film snobs out there, but this script is smart, tight, and well-executed in such a way that it would still work if you took out all of the jokes. What could have been a lame, lazy, cash-in project was taken seriously by everyone involved.
8. We finally understand what the fuss is all about regarding Channing Tatum. He's solid.
9. Yes, you do hear the theme song.
10. And yes, Johnny Depp makes a cameo. We'd heard about that in advance. But we were surprised to see Holly Robinson (Peete) and Peter DeLuise. Why didn't Dustin Nguyen make it?
11. The easy thing would be to send the nerd back to high school to relive his nerd past and the jock to relive his jock past. The genius here is that it's flipped: the nerd goes back and experiences popularity, while the jock goes back and experiences social ostracism.
12. We'd probably watch Ice Cube do anything. He has charisma to burn. This Coors Light commercial was one of our favorites from last fall. "Did you just snow on me?"

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