"All work and no play"

The Shining isn't a great movie (it's a little dull and rather obtuse), but it's certainly a memorable one.  It has several creepy moments seared into our collective subconscious.  Would you want to watch the bit with the twin girls alone at night?  Neither would we.  But most of all, it's a Kubrick movie, which means there is no shortage of subtext and depth and purpose to every shot, every line, every composition.  Nothing is left to chance, which is why Kubrick movies can inspire mania and obsession.  Our favorite is 2001: A Space Odyssey.  We'll read anything about the making of that movie, the meaning of that movie, the making of the meaning of that movie.

Pixar filmmaker Lee Unkrich's obsession is The Shining.  His website TheOverlookHotel.com is chock full of factoids and pictures and artwork about the movie.  Our favorite is his post about the fictional Overlook Hotel keychains.  How obscure can you get?  And are they for sale?

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