Battlestar Galactica “Home Part 1”

Cool: It’s a lot of fun to watch the hapless new CAG Birch (replacing Apollo) fail at managing the most seemingly menial of Galactican tasks, whether it’s an asteroid Viper exercise or a simple refueling mission.

Cooler: When Caprica-Boomer leads the charge on Kobol in taking out the Cylon Centurion ambush, it’s clear she’s nothing at all like the wishy-washy pushover that was Galactica-Boomer. This version is a real bad-ass, suggesting perhaps that not all Cylon copies are made alike. Unless, of course, this is all Part of the Plan.

Huh? Yeah, I know, it's a nice scene between Adama and Dee in which she pleads for him to put his differences with Roslin aside for the good of the fleet. But it’s hard to believe that this one exchange of dialogue can so completely change Adama’s mind. He just seems to stubbord and proud to admit a mistake without a little something more dramatic or irrefutable. But this scene does gives us...

Best Line: “It’s time to put the fleet back together.” – Adama, grimly proclaiming his intention of returning to Kobol to bring back Roslin and the 24 ships that followed her.

Falling: Baltar and Six – As always, they're continuing their boring little dance of obtuse dialogue (accompanied by that plinking piano) that makes it seem like their subplot is advancing without ever really revealing anything new. The less of them, the better.

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