Battlestar Galactica “Home Part 2”

Cool: Starbuck, Adama, and Roslin use the Arrow of Apollo in the Tomb of Athena (I know, it’s hard to keep a straight face with all of that) to seemingly teleport themselves to the surface of Earth, which allows them to see constellations of the 12 colonies (Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo). Using those stars as guides gives them an idea of which direction to head for Earth. Things are really getting interesting now. They recognize those constellations from the designs on the 12 colony flags. But how is this possible? Did the 12 colonies originate on Earth? Perhaps the kind of questions only a nerd cares about answering.
Cooler: When some of the Galactica crew refuses to clap for Roslin, Adama forces them to do so by initiating a “slow clap” that everyone joins and then pushing that to turn into applause. A nice moment conveying through action (rather than a long-winded speech) that Adama is determined to heal the wounds caused by Tigh’s martial law declaration.
Huh? In this episode Six for a moment drops her Cylon persona and appears to Baltar as a neutral character of sorts (she's even got her hair up in a stereotypical "I'm demure" ponytail), suggesting this has all been a hallucination for Baltar. An intriguing suggestion that could change everything about Baltar and his situation. But then the show drops that idea and soon Six is again appearing to Baltar as a Cylon. Why bring up that hallucination possibility if it's not even going to pan out? It just seems sloppy. The point seems to be that Six's ploy was to persuade Baltar to do a brain scan and learn that he really doesn't have a Cylon chip in his head and that Six's connection to him is much more complex. Or something. Whatever. As with everything involving these two, it seems needlessly confusing. Then again, The Cheese Fry would never claim to fully understand all the Baltar-Six mumbo-jumbo doubletalk.

Best Line: “We’ve never met, but I remember you.” – Caprica-Boomer to Chief Tyrol, suggesting she has memories of his girlfriend Galactica-Boomer even though it wasn’t her he had the relationship with. Are you with me? Best of all, this sets up the possibility of one weirdo love triangle between Cylon Boomer and Boomer-smitten humans Helo and Tyrol. Note the look on Helo’s face when Tyrol walks up in this scene.
Falling: The show’s casting director. Come on, you have a treacherous henchman character named Meier and so you cast... James Remar, who’s made a career out of playing treacherous. It just seems so unimaginative.
Rising: Caprica-Boomer continues her ascension with the thrilling moment in which she betrays Zarek’s henchman Meier and thwarts the attemped assassination on Kobol of Adama and Apollo. It’s her attempt to persuade Adama that she makes her own choices. And to show the audience what an amazing marksman she is: two shots, two kills. How trustworthy is she really, though? Caprica-Boomer's quickly becoming one of the more fascinating characters on the show.

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