Lost “Collision”

Cool: It was great to learn about what turned Ana-Lucia into such a sneering tough girl (and why she’s so at ease handling a gun and questioning "suspects" like Nathan and Goodwin). Even more intriguing is the suggestion that she’s not only angry at losing her boyfriend and her unborn baby, but also consumed with self-hatred and guilt over killing the man responsible for her losing her boyfriend and unborn baby.
Cooler: Sayid and Mr. Eko tangling in the jungle mud is about as evenly pitched a fight as one could imagine. Except maybe Mr. Eko and Locke, which is surely coming eventually.
Huh?: Does anyone really believe that the LAPD would ever allow a patrol cop to work in the precinct where her mother was her supervisor?
Best Line: “I was pregnant.” – Ana-Lucia’s line to her would-be killer Kevin, moments before pumping a number of bullets into him, some from a distance, a few more up close for good measure. Without question, this is a melodramatic development that would fit right in on Desperate Housewives, but they can’t all be home runs.
Falling: The producers – Yeah, it was gratifying to see all those reunions, Jin and Sun, Bernard and Rose, Michael and Walt’s dog. But the slow motion music montage approach to this sequence was a little cheesy, reminiscent of a feel-good Hallmark ad.

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