Lost “What Kate Did”

Cool: It’s fun to see Kate blow up her lecherous drunk of a stepfather in the opening sequence, the crime that first sent her on the run from the law. Points will have to be deducted, however, because the show’s producers resort to the hackneyed camera angle of the house exploding in the background as Kate roars towards the camera on a motorcycle in the foreground. This tired gimmick wasn’t even fresh back in the 1970s when CHiPs, The Rockford Files, and Magnum P.I. were using it.
Cooler: The last scene. Michael types a response back to an unexpected “Hello” message on the Apple II-C and gets back a reply from someone (“Dad?”) who might be Walt. A powerhouse of an ending, which is good considering we won’t be getting any new episodes until mid-January.

Coolest: Mr. Eko comes through yet again, producing for Locke the missing pieces of the Hanso orientation film that will surely provide interesting tidbits in the coming episodes. Already we learn from one respliced section about the dangers of using the computer to communicate, which is - of course - what Michael's in the next room doing at that very moment.
Huh? Why isn’t Hurley losing weight? And why isn’t Jack’s close-cut hair growing? It’s been over 45 days now since the crash.
Best Line: “Don’t forget the button” – Jack to Kate as he leaves her alone with Sawyer in the hatch. A subtle reminder for the audience that despite all of the drama going on lately with the tail section survivors, Jack, Locke, Kate, et al have been working in shifts all this time to be sure the numbers get imputed every 108 minutes.

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