Knee-jerk review: "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

1. The pilot felt like a complete retread of the second movie (John on the run, a visit to Miles Dyson, yadda yadda)... until that cool time-travel twist ending.
2. There's some interesting angles to be mined with the teenaged-girl Terminator named Cameron (a too-cutesy nod to the original films' writer-director), but most of the characters are rather dull. The guy who plays John Connor is particularly boring.
3. And really, we all know "interesting angles" above is code for the skeevy kick of seeking a possible android-human romance with Cameron and John. You know that's where we're going.
4. Is Summer Glau hot? It's debatable, isn't it? And that's a problem for this show's core audience.
5. The Cheese Fry will get very tired, very quickly of seeing any more of the obligatory scenes in which two Terminators fight, crashing through walls and floors, and suffer no lasting injury.
6. The headless Terminator was kind of cool.
7. The films had such epic scope and high production values that the TV show suffers by comparison. It feels small and cheap.
8. Yeah, it's a decent show, but did we really need it? We'd rather rent the first two movies.

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