Top 10 "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Episodes

1. The one where Picard is captured and assimilated by the Borg and Riker is fully prepared to destroy the Borg anyway. Best cliffhanger line ever: “Mr. Worf, fire.” Fade to black. (“The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1”)

2. The one where Q allows Picard to reconsider past choices as a Starfleet cadet, including an unfortunate encounter with a Nausicaan and his knife. (“Tapestry”)

3. The one where an Enterprise from the past appears, changes the Federation timeline, and brings Tasha Yar back from the dead. (“Yesterday’s Enterprise”)

4. The one where, in the blink of an eye, an alien probe makes Picard live out an entire lifetime on a doomed alien planet (and learns how to play a flute) as a means to preserve its culture. (“The Inner Light”)

5. The one that features low-level junior officers, including the super-cute Ensign Sito who dies during an espionage mission. (“Lower Decks”)

6. The one that’s a Die Hard ripoff where Picard must all alone fight terrorist thieves when the ship’s vacated for a baryon sweep. (“Starship Mine”)

7. The one where Dr. Crusher’s the only one who notices that people on the Enterprise are disappearing one by one – because she’s unwittingly trapped in Wesley’s static warp bubble. (“Remember Me”)

8. The one with the trial to determine whether or not Data is the property of Starfleet. (“The Measure of a Man”)

9. The one where the Enterprise gets stuck in one of those pesky causality loops and only Data – with the help of Riker’s command uniform pips – can break them free. (“Cause and Effect”)

10. The one where Wesley Crusher is investigated for his role in a cadet flight training accident. Note to self: don't ever try the Kolvoord Starburst. (“The First Duty”)

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  1. Some of the best times I had during middle school and early high school involved watching these episodes (and many others) while on summer break. Almost every night I'd microwave a bunch of food from Sam's Club and would settle in with the Dime, my other brother Chad, and my buddy Chase, to watch Star Trek TNG and then The Arsenio Hall Show.