Knee-jerk review: "Prince Caspian"

1. Call this Lord of the Rings lite. Working hard to be epic and dark and important, but still very much a Disney movie for families.
2. It's enjoyable, but also a little forgettable in a way that other summer blockbusters, like Iron Man, are not.
3. Peter Dinklage steals the movie. Runner-up is Georgie Henley.
4. Some very cool battle sequences that are more imaginative than you might expect. Best example comes when two armies poised to do battle instead allow their differences to be perhaps settled by a one-on-one sword fight (that allows for "time outs"!) between the two kings. That's fresh.
5. 2005's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was better.
6. There's something a little creepy about the lion Azlan.
7. It's got to be tough to rule a magical kingdom for many years and then get zapped back to your boring life in 1940s England.
8. Funniest line out of context: "I don't think that bear could talk at all."
9. Extra credit to the costume designers and their scary armor for the Telmarines.
10. Is it us, or does Prince Caspian seem to be too much of a pretty boy to be a great leader?

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