Knee-jerk review: "What Happens in Vegas"

1. The romantic comedy is not dead. This movie and Forgetting Sarah Marshall prove that with a clever concept, the old boy-meets-girl genre still has a lot of gas left in the tank.
2. It's far funnier than you probably think it is. Hilarious, in fact.
3. The Cheese Fry loves Rob Corddry. "I'm the law, bitches!"
4. You know it's a great comedy when the throwaway subplots are packed with memorable gags and funny characters (see also: the Judd Apatow oeuvre). Here we get Cameron Diaz's rival, an ambitious-yet-awkward woman named Chong, and Ashton Kutcher's weird friend, a guy called in the credits "Dave the Bear."
5. Yes, the premise is hard to boil down to a Hollywood logline, but once you're on board, it works: couple get drunk-married in Vegas, win a $3 million slot pull, but the judge won't let them divorce and split the money unless they try to live as man and wife for six months. Hilarity ensues.
6. With only a few exceptions, there's no story fat to be found. The plot moves quickly and cleanly.
7. Ashton Kutcher may just get himself an real acting career yet.
8. Some good chemistry between the leads. You will be rooting for them to get together.

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  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Saw this over the weekend. You're right about Corddry - stole the show, I thought. I'm gonna steal that line for my next win too!