Five funniest sitcoms on the air right now

1. "30 Rock" (NBC) - With its jigsaw-puzzle plotting, extremely quirky minor characters, pop culture non-sequitirs, and taste for the deadpan absurd, it's "Seinfeld" with heart. I want to go to there.
2. "The Family Guy" (Fox) - You either think it's pure genius or you don't. We can't help you if you don't.
3. "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS) - This one takes the "Friends" mantle, looking at friendships and dating among five 20-somethings who are far better looking and wittier than you ever were. Surprisingly insightful and clever for a show that seems on the surface to be so ordinary.
4. "The Office" (NBC) - The elder statesman of the group, powered by a strong ensemble of weird-but-mostly-plausible characters. Though perhaps losing a step recently, it's still the king of the awkward moment where you're not sure whether to cringe or laugh.
5. "The Big Bang Theory" (CBS) - It'd be a funny show even without Jim Parsons' scene-stealing Sheldon character. The one show on this list we bet you've never seen.

For the record, CBS' "Two and Half Men" can be funny, but every episode is fixated on sex in a way that can be fairly creepy given the show's 12-year-old co-star. Some of the R-rated jokes they get away would have never been allowed on "Friends" just ten years ago.

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