Knee-jerk review: "Milk"

1. See, Sean Penn really can smile if he puts his mind to it. We always knew he was a good actor when it comes to scowling and yelling, but now his range seems complete. His sunny energy here is infectious.
2. Josh Brolin continues to impress. There's nothing he can't do, it seems.
3. The same goes, really, for Emile Hirsch and James Franco.
4. If anything, this is a movie that reminds one that the more things change (Prop 6, 1978), the more they stay the same (Prop 8, 2008).
5. Diego Luna's character is annoying and Luna does everything he can to be as annoying as possible. What purpose does this character serve in the story?
6. More of an important history lesson than a traditionally entertaining movie. But it's exceedingly well done.
7. The movie provides an unexpectedly interesting look at the maturation of a politician, as Milk repeatedly runs for office and fails... but learns from his mistakes and continues to fine-tune and improve his strategies and platform.
8. Credit goes to the filmmakers, who could have easily vilified assassin Dan White. Instead, he gets a fair and balanced depiction, making him almost as much of a tragic figure as Milk.
9. Could you walk up onto a stage in front of thousands of people just moments after getting a death threat?
10. Poignant epilogue in which we see the real-life people featured in the film.

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  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    watched it last night and really enjoyed it as well. diego was there to show the infatuation people had with milk but in a bad/stalkerish kind of a way. and to show that scott was the better man.