Brackets of women

Last month, Esquire magazine kindly put together a 64-team bracket for its readers' pleasure. Instead of college basketball teams, however, this bracket was comprised of "Sexiest Women" in four "regions": Music/Fashion, Sports, Movies, and Television.

We may not be college basketball fans here at the Cheese Fry, but the same cannot be said of "sexiest women." An interesting exercise. If you're forced to choose between only two things, the choice can sometimes be rather surprising. Also interesting: many of the names Esquire put into the running are women we'd never heard of.

The results:

Sweet Sixteen

* Music/Fashion
Beyonce def. Gisele Bunchen
Brooklyn Decker def. Carrie Underwood

* Sports
Serena Williams def. Erin Andrews
Anna Kournikova def. Daniela Hantuchova, whoever she is

* Movies
Rachel McAdams def. Jennifer Aniston
Eva Longoria def. Paula Patton

* Television
Christina Hendricks def. Minka Kelly
Olivia Munn def. Ginnifer Goodwin

Elite Eight

* Music/Fashion
Beyonce def. Brooklyn Decker

* Sports
Serena Williams def. Anna Kournikova

* Movies
Eva Longoria def. Rachel McAdams

* Television
Christina Hendricks def. Olivia Munn

Final Four

Eva Longoria def. Beyonce
Christina Hendricks def. Serena Williams

Title Match

Christina Hendricks def. Eva Longoria

What does this tell us? That the Cheese Fry should be enjoying a lucrative job working as an editor at Esquire. One month after conducting this pointless exercise, Esquire named Christina Hendricks sexiest woman alive. We've already mailed them an invoice for our consulting services.


  1. That is quite a hot sports opinion, given the company (uh, why was Olivia Munn on there??)! I didn't know who this woman was until i googled her and realized she was from MAD MEN. Upon further review ... the play stands - TOUCHDOWN!

  2. The Cheese Fry8:54 PM

    She's one of the best-kept secrets in hot-chick-dom.