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As the season ends with a shameful fizzle for the Dallas Cowboys right on schedule, we decided to take stock of our own lackluster performance on the gridiron.  We've been a member of one fantasy football league for 14 seasons now.  We've never gone to the post-season, never even sniffed a championship.

Our cumulative record over these 14 season is 78-112-6, which works out to be a winning percentage of .397.  Pretty good for a batter, horrible for a team sport.  We lose more than we win.  In fact, we almost lose two out of every three times we play.

And there isn't an obvious learning curve, either.  Our worst record was 3-11, which we understandably put up in our first season when fantasy football was new to us.  But then the posted that same 3-11 record in our 8th season.  Our best season was our 11th, when we went 8-6.  We've won 7 games only four times in 14 seasons (our 3rd, 9th, 12th, and 14th).  Although maybe we are doing a little better.  In the last four seasons, we've never won less than six games.

All of this obsession over a completely ridiculous waste of time that ruins Sundays more than makes Sundays enjoyable gives us a special affinity for this NFL spot that returns every winter:

In a previous post, we looked at the seven stages of fantasy football.

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