Lost "Born to Run"

Cool: After inadvertently touching Locke and presumably sensing the danger of the Thing in the Woods with the Locked Hatch, Walt suddenly blurts out to Locke “Don’t open it!” A nice reminder that Walt’s got some very creepy psychic powers.

Cooler: When told by his father Mike that they don’t have to leave the island on the raft after all, Walt replies ominously “Yes we do.” This suggests A) Walt knows Locke is going to disregard his advice and open the Thing in the Woods with the Locked Hatch anyway and B) Walt doesn’t want to be around when Locke does so. A classic goosebump moment.

Uncool: The writers decided to saddle poor Kate with even more baggage by showing in flashback that, while on the run in Iowa for bank robbery and murder, she accidentally got her ex-boyfriend shot to death by police. Making matters worse, said dead ex-boyfriend was married with an infant son. It’s becoming harder and harder to like Kate, no matter how many Hot Lists actress Evangeline Lilly winds up on. Next week maybe we’ll see Kate kicking puppies and stealing lollipops from kids.

Huh?: That was a rather awkward introduction of the high school science teacher character. He appears in one scene to give a demonstration on How Trade Winds Work. Clearly, this guy is going to be a new series regular, which meant he had to seem like a familiar face to the other castaway characters even as people all over America were nudging each other on sofas and whispering “Who the hell is that guy?”

Falling: Michael – There’s just something annoying about this dude, like the way he was so offended by the suggestion that taking his son out into the Pacific Ocean on a raft made of bamboo and airplane parts was perhaps a bad idea.

Rising: Sawyer – Bonus points for calling Kate the Ex-Boyfriend Killer “Puddin’.”

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