Lost "Exodus"

Cool: Faced with the possibility of never seeing Jack again, Sawyer softens up just enough to tell Jack that – while in Australia – he met Jack’s estranged father, who had nothing but good things to say about Jack. This allowed a powerful Emmy moment for both actors: a bit of sucker-punched vulnerability for Matthew Fox’s smug Jack and a compassionate wrinkle to Josh Holloway’s defiantly self-serving Sawyer.
Cooler: Guess what? The “black rock”? It’s not an island geographical formation. It’s a ship. Whoa, dude.
Uncool: You ever wonder what the other castaways think about how the Jack-Sayid-Locke triumvirate runs things like a dictatorship? Note here how Jack tells everyone else to just sit tight while he and the other well-paid series stars hike into the jungle to gather unnamed supplies that hopefully will save them, otherwise they’re all doomed. Talk about a veil of secrecy. Donald Rumsfeld has got nothing on Jack. It’s only Hurley’s democratically big mouth that lets everyone else learn the truth about the Thing in the Woods with the Locked Hatch.
Huh?: Another clumsy introduction of a new cast member for next season – Michelle Rodriguez’s Anna Lucia, who apparently got stuck in the doomed back of the plane and thus never made it to the island. Unless she’s one of The Others.
Huh? Part 2: And if it was so urgent to get into the woods to get Danielle the Hermit Frenchwoman’s dynamite, why not just, like, go? Instead, Jack says “We’re leaving in half an hour.” The urgency is almost too much to bear.
Falling: Kate – While in custody in Sydney, she freaked out over that toy airplane like she was a mental patient.

Rising: Danielle – If only because she seems to maybe have some answers to all of the questions.

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