Battlestar Galactica "Fragged"

Cool: Colonel Tigh makes it official with his “I’m declaring martial law” speech to reporters, dissolving the Quorum of Twelve and taking the storyline where we all knew it would eventually lead what with all those civil-yet-frosty “debates” between Adama and Roslin over how to lead the fleet. This is a particularly dark turn for Tigh, who earlier in the episode assured another character that Adama would never allow martial law. His decision here suggests Tigh is no longer as worried about doing things the way Adama would have done. Tigh even calls Galactica “my ship” at one point.
Cooler: That tense Tarantino-style standoff on Kobol between Crashdown and Tyrol over how to handle the insubordination of Cally (who only enlisted to pay for dental school) was maybe the show’s most suspenseful moment yet. Bonus points for Baltar’s unconventional solution, though it would have been a much bigger surprise had the episode not been named, uh, you know, “Fragged.”
Best Line: “Leading the charge.” – Baltar’s answer to Apollo’s question about how Crashdown died. Just why Baltar did this (to cover his ass or to protect Crashdown’s honor?) is unclear, but it certainly could make for some interesting possibilities in future episodes. Cover-ups like this rarely end well, especially in TV shows.
Falling: Six continues to try our patience. She’s the show’s worst offender in spouting all of that religion exposition double-talk about the Greater Purpose for all of this. Hopefully, the writers will explain this annoying discrepancy between the Cylon Centurions who want to kill all humans and the Cylon-humans like Six who seem to love humans on some weird level.
Rising (tie): In the hero corner we have Chief Tyrol, whose level-headed leadership on Kobol under extreme duress (in contrast to Crashdown’s adrenaline-fueled sloppy irrationality) has gone a long way to redeeming his inexplicable denial last season of Boomer’s role in a couple of instances of Cylon-style sabatoge. In the villain corner we have Tigh’s slimy wife Ellen, who’s more and more taking on a Lady MacBeth persona as she starts to nudge Tigh into taking control. Keep in mind Ellen’s strange return last season. Everyone thought she was dead and then she pops up on one of the fleet’s other ships having emerged from a coma or something. Odds that she’s a Cylon spy: 4:1.

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