Battlestar Galactica "Valley of Darkness"

Cool: Colonel Tigh quickly susses out the Cylons’ attack strategy, having “seen this before,” and correctly surmises that they intend on venting the human crew into space. Which would be bad.
Cooler: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cylon Centurions up close like this. They’re a scary and formidable adversary, especially when they kick on their Gatlin-gun claws and fire off an seemingly inexhaustible spray of bullets.
Huh? After Helo spent weeks on “Cylon-occupied Caprica” laying low, quietly ducking and dodging Cylons like John Rambo in ninja-guerilla mode suddenly there seems to be no worry about being discreet. Starbuck takes Helo back to her old place, cranks up some music, then - just in case any lurking Cylons didn't hear them - they tear out of town in Starbuck’s souped-up Colonial Hummer. Where’d all the Cylons go? Runner up: This new Baltar-Six baby subplot is further muddled with a protracted dream sequence in which Adama drowns Baltar’s baby. It’s all so Symbolic and Meaningful. Whatever.

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