Battlestar Galactica: “Resurrection Ship”

Cool: That must be some grade-A moonshine Tigh’s using. Every time he shares a secret drink with the Pegasus XO Fisk, another nasty revelation about Admiral Cain comes tumbling out. One of which is...
Cooler: Cain’s dark side gets darker when Adama and Tigh realize she stripped civilian ships of parts and crew, then left behind the crippled, half-empty ships to fend for themselves. Points are further deducted with the revelation that she also had some of the civilian families shot in cold blood to enforce this commandeering of parts and crew.

Coolest: The episode ends with a fantastic pulse-pounding sequence that cuts back and forth between Adama and Cain as they each separately plot the assassination of the other. Dig the blanched look at Starbuck’s face when Adama asks her to be his hitman.

Huh?: Remember that huge cliffhanger moment at the end of last season? The one where Galactica’s and Pegasus’ vipers are screaming towards each other to seemingly fight to the death? Yeah, that big fight sort of just fizzled out. Something about Starbuck coming back with her spy photos or something made everyone stand down and allow cooler heads to prevail. How exactly that happened is a little unclear. It’s hard to fault the writers too much, though, since they’d more or less written themselves into a corner with the cliffhanger.

Best Line: “I’m afraid this can only end one way... You’ve got to kill her.” – Roslin calmly suggesting the premeditated murder of Admiral Cain, shocking just about everyone, both Adama and viewers at home on the couch.

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