Lost “The 23rd Psalm”

Cool: Michael, who’s growing increasingly wild-eyed (did you see his serial-killer expression after Locke taugt him how to shoot a jar of mayo?), almost getting caught by Jack using the Apple II-C to talk to Walt.
Cooler: Eko as a dead-eyed Nigerian gangster, killing two men with one knife swing and coercing his priest brother to help him smuggle drugs. Whoa. The writers get big props for the Eko flashback subplot which was more compelling than most feature films. Clearly, Eko’s ultimate redemption will stem in part from the military mistaking him as a priest.
Coolest: The unexpected religious subtext to the story, drawling parallels between Eko and Charlie’s brother complexes and the Biblical figure Aaron, who always had to live up to Moses.
Huh?: We won’t comment yet on the weirdo smoke monster that seemed to “scan” Eko’s past like an alien lifeform out of a 1967 episode of Star Trek. Why didn’t it kill him? Because Eko is redeemed and therefore undeserving of punishment? Didn’t the Others try to snatch Eko on the first night and he fought back? Remember Goodwin said only the good people are taken.
Best Line: “You did not find the statue here. Take me to the plane.” – Mr. Eko to Charlie, who didn’t realize he was trying to lie to a cold-blooded ex-Nigerian gang lord. Points added for someone finally smacking weasely Charlie around (he also got kicked out of Claire’s tent). Points deducted from The Cheese Fry for not connecting the dots sooner between last season’s Nigerian plane-in-the-tree that killed Boone and this season’s addition Eko.
Rising: Mr. Eko, who at this point should probably have his own show.
Falling: Charlie, who is growing increasingly weasely. Last shot of the episode cements it – he’s got a whole stash of Virgin Mary heroin statues. What a wanker.

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