Battlestar Galactica “Resurrection Ship, Part 2”

Cool: Starbuck’s pony tail. If you have to ask, you’ll never understand.
Cooler: The completely plausible turmoil and angst created by Adama’s plot to kill Cain. None of the principals involved – Adama, Starbuck, Apollo – had an easy time with the ugly reality of this kind of cold-blooded murder.
Coolest: Gina kills Admiral Cain with the assistance of Baltar, who remains completely inscrutable a character. But the show will miss Cain and the conflict her scorched-earth approach created.
Huh?: Why wouldn’t a Colonial flight suit have a built-in transponder to allow for easy search-and-rescue? It seems that the only reason is to allow an externalization for Apollo’s distaste for the assassination plot – he’s so distraught that he’s willing to die out there and commit galactic suicide, choosing to keep quiet when Galactica hails him.
Best Line: “I’ve been thinking about what we talked about before. It’s not enough to survive. One has to be worthy of surviving. That’s all.” – Adama to Starbuck, abruptly aborting their plot to assassinate Admiral Cain. Presumably this is the result of his talk with Caprica-Boomer, who quoted a prior speech of Adama's in which he wondered if humanity deserved to survive.
Rising: Cain – A little too late, yes. But it was a great moment when she ordered Fisk to stand down from her plot to assassinate Adama. One wonders if she not only knew of Adama’s plot to kill her but suspected that Starbuck would be the assassin – when Adama aborted his plot, she aborted hers. Surely, though, this wouldn't have signalled a kinder, gentler Cain, would it? We'll never know.

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