Battlestar Galactica “Epiphanies”

Cool: Turns out Laura Roslin was fired by the President just hours before the Cylon attack on the colonies. Does that make her ensuing emergency presidency somehow illegitimate? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Cooler: It’s a bit of cheat, perhaps, to have this last-minute rescue of Roslin with a miracle cancer cure borne of Cylon blood. Then again, it might be interesting to see how this plays out. How will she feel to be healed by the blood of the enemy? It's like a white racist soldier saved in the foxhole by a transfusion of blood from a black man.

Coolest: The show’s genius for exploring its premise from all angles is apparent again when we learn of an underground guerilla movement that demands peace with the Cylons. How exactly Royan Jahee and his followers expect to accomplish this remains unclear, of course. Extra points for Royan unwittingly working with an actual Cylon – Gina – to accomplish his pro-Cylon goals.

Huh?: How can Baltar continue to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes? Seriously. Whatever happened to his vaunted Cylon test? How can he still be faking it?

Best Line: “I will not be responsible for the destruction of mankind.” – Baltar’s greatest moment, when he seems to finally align himself with humanity... only to swing the other way and supply the Cylons with a nuclear frickin' warhead when gets his widdle feelings hurt by Roslin.

Falling: Billy – Why’d you have to give Baltar the letter from Roslin before she died. It’s her harsh words (and blatant mistrust of Baltar’s abilities to lead) that led him to give the warhead to the Cylons.

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