Lost “Fire and Water”

Cool: Hurley uses the term “tailies” to describe Ana Lucia’s new group of survivors (from the tail section), a term that seems to have originated in Lost internet fansites. A fun example of fandom influencing a show's writing staff.

Cooler: Sawyer gives romance advice to Hurley (“Your moment is now, hoss.”) about how to approach Libby.

Huh?: The only point to this episode seems to be to completely ostracize Charlie from the group. As admirable a goal as that may be considering how whiny and irritating Charlie can be, how the show accomplishes this is pretty bizarre what with Charlie’s religious visions and sleepwalking and his wild-eyed determination to baptize Aaron. In a show that’s over the top to begin with this, this episode was out there, man. It’s probably one of the show’s low points.

Best Line: “You hitting that?” – Ana-Lucia displaying the expected level of classiness in asking Jack about his relationship with Kate.

Falling: Locke, who’s fast losing his Zen calm and becoming really unlikable. First he gets all high and mighty with Charlie and his stash of Virgin Mary statues, taking over with an attitude very reminiscent of Jack at his most sanctimonious. And then he beats the hell out of Charlie for taking Claire’s baby. Yes, Charlie deserved rebuke, but Locke displayed an unproportional response here. Much of this is presumably driven by Charlie and Locke's shared feelings for Claire, who (alluring Aussie accent notwithstanding) is perhaps the least interesting and most dishrag-like character on the show.

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