Knee-jerk review: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

1. On the whole, it's more fun that we were expecting.
2. But it's also a little tedious and simplistic - the typical sort of chase movie motivated by revenge: you killed someone I love, so now I have to spend 45 movie-minutes hunting you down and asking a lot of people where I can find you.
3. The adamantium-infusion scene is pretty cool.
4. We also enjoyed the final showdown on the "island." That includes a twist we didn't see coming.
5. The easter egg after the end credits probably means more to actual comic book readers, which we're not. Apparently, a second easter egg that we might have appreciated more wasn't attached to the print we saw.
6. There's simply too much extraneous nonsense, like the boxing ring fight with Dukes. Pointless and actually rather embarrassing for all involved.
7. The same goes for Taylor Kitsch's Gambit. A fun character, but wholly unneeded.
8. They can call this an "Origins" movie, but it's really X-Men 4 what with all the mutants fighting each other.
9. We don't know where actress Lynn Collins came from, but we want to go to there.
10. For all the mayhem and murder going on, there's a implausible lack of blood thanks to the PG-13 rating.
11. It's Hugh Jackman's movie and he's appropriately bad ass.

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