Top 5 "Star Trek" episodes

1. The one where Kirk and Spock go back to 1930s Earth and Kirk falls in love with Edith Keeler only to realize that Edith has to die to prevent the Nazis from winning World War II. ("The City on the Edge of Forever")

2. The one with the evil alternate universe where Spock has a goatee. ("Mirror, Mirror")

3. The one where Kirk battles the lizard-like Gorn to amuse a godlike species, but then refuses to finish the Gorn off, thereby proving humans are worthy and earning the god-like species' begrudging respect. ("Arena")

4. The one with the plant spores that shoot into your face and make you calm and docile - and if you're a Vulcan, make you fall in love with Jill Ireland. ("This Side of Paradise")

5. The one with the heavy-handed 1960s racism allegory in that it depicts the two warring aliens who are half black and half white and who refuse to stop fighting even though they're the last of their species. ("Let That Be Your Last Battlefield")

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