Cheese Fry posts you won't be seeing in 2012

2011 was a banner year for the Cheese Fry, with a whopping 80 posts. It was by far our most prolific year, thanks mostly to a very active September that involved numerous knee-jerks to the new fall TV shows (New Girl and Person of Interest, yes, we're still watching).

We're hoping for an equally prodigious 2012. We're not sure what pop culture ephemera will catch our eye, but we can guarantee it won't include these topics:

"The prequels are way better than the original trilogy"
"Hipsters taught us a valuable lesson about great music"
"Why we love the Kardashians"
"The joys of traffic gridlock"
"The day we won the Powerball $78 million lottery"
"Dallas Cowboys: undefeated"
"Knee-jerk review: the Twilight franchise DVD box set"
"We wish more people talked in movie theaters"
"Live blogging the People's Choice Awards"
"Justin Bieber is underrated"
"How 'Hawaii Five-O' accurately portrays genuine police work"

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