Knee-jerk review: "Haywire"

1. Far be it from us to second-guess Steven Soderbergh. He's our favorite director and is mostly above reproach.
2. Look at this five-movie run: Out of Sight, The Limey, Erin Brockovich, Traffic, Ocean's 11. Every one's a masterpiece. He's a genius.
3. A lot of critical chatter about the lack of acting chops for star Gina Carano (she's an MMA fighter by trade, not an actress). It didn't bother us. Whatever robotic, flat affect is present in her performance works for her character.
4. One of the coldest of cold-blooded murders we've ever seen.
5. The deer surprise is a bit much, agreed.
6. Like so many of Soderbergh's films, this one offers a master class in montage editing. So much is clearly conveyed through visuals, including some rather complex action sequences. Reminds us of the Billy Wilder bit about letting your audience connect the dots rather than spoon-feeding them.
7. Carano is pretty hot, but we're far too scared of her to ever say so.
8. So many people commit ruthless double-crosses that it's something of a surprise when some characters don't backstab one another.
9. We've been looking forward to this movie for a very long time, which is often a recipe for disappointment. We were not disappointed. It's essentially a Bourne movie with a pretty girl as Jason Bourne. And honestly, we think she could take Bourne out.

10. Strangely, we don't get a bad guy falling to his death. We thought that was a requirement of any reputable A-list action movie.
11. We still don't understand the appeal of Channing Tatum, but we figure Hollywood will keep pushing him.
12. Michael Douglas, silky smooth as always.
13. Got to love how Soderbergh casts his movies with these kinds of whimsical, "screw it" notions. He hires a porn star to be his lead in The Girlfriend Experience, then plucks from relative obscurity this MMA fighter to be his lead here. Dude has confidence.
14. Loved it.

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