Knee-jerk review: ABC's "Last Resort"

1. Okay, well... that was kind of awesome.
2. Andre Braugher.  Just one of those actors, you know?  Magnetic.  Many a Friday night was spent by us watching "Homicide: Life on the Street" and Braugher chew scenery as Frank Pembleton.
3. We've paid to see two-hour movies that weren't as engrossing and suspenseful as these 48 minutes.
4. It's like Crimson Tide on acid, in a way.  And we loved Crimson Tide.  Criminally underrated.
5. We never get tired of stories that take us into the rigid ritual and protocol of the military.  Always fascinating.
6. And who doesn't love a sweaty scene of will-they-or-won't-they nuclear missile key-turning?
7. The pilot does a great job setting up a number of conflicts among a fractured collection of characters.  The best may be the one we didn't see coming: the local crime boss who doesn't much like the idea of the Navy upending his little fiefdom.
8. We're not sure what the truth is behind the suspicious launch order, but we know it surely has something to do with the president's impeachment troubles.  What better way to stay in office that create a national defense distraction?  Wag the Dog, maybe you heard of it?
9. Ms. Cheese Fry kept asking us to explain what was going on.  Like we knew.
10. "That's you little bitch, lieutenant."  Snap.
11. The world would be a cooler place if instead of saying letters, we all used the military alphabet.
12. Robert Patrick's looking old.  But it suits him, don't you think?  He looks good grizzled and tired.
13. We are on board.

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