Knee-jerk review: NBC's "Revolution"

1. There's certainly a tediousness to pilots like this as the producers have to get everything set up and introduce the characters and arrange it all just so on the narrative chess board.
2. Billy Burke completely steals the show playing a variation on the Han Solo dashing-badass-who-doesn't-want-to-get-involved.
3. Would vegetation and trees really overrun everything in just 15 years?  Wrigley Field looks like the end of Logan's Run.  We'll have to re-read our copy of World Without Us.
4. Elizabeth Mitchell sighting.  Sigh.
5. It calls to mind Stephen King's "The Stand" what with the breakdown of civilization and the return to more of an old-fashioned Wild West mentality involving hangings and flintlock muskets and horses.  We don't mean that as an insult.
6. The militia's meadow headquarters of canvas tents is clearly meant to evoke the Civil War.
7. It's not bad, but we can't help but wonder how much darker and edgier and satisfying this would be if only it were on HBO or AMC.
8. We'll give the producers the benefit of the doubt and not read too much into the Katniss Everdeen similarities of cute teenaged archer heroine.
9. Even if an airplane lost power, it wouldn't fall out of the sky.  It could still glide to a landing.  Right?
10. Dig the cling-clang of the swordfights.
11. The only thing we really didn't see coming was the poison alcohol.  Everything sort of played out the way we expected, but that didn't necessarily make it any less enjoyable.
12. We're in for now.

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