Knee-jerk review: Fox's "The Mindy Project"

1. You certainly can't say this show doesn't have a distinctively skewed and dark point of view.
2. Mindy Kalin clearly has no qualms about allowing her character to do some completely unlikable things, like disrupting an ex-boyfriend's wedding with an inappropriate drunken toast or trying to avoid a phone call from a patient having a medical emergency.  She's kind of a self-absorbed mess... but one who's also completely aware of that fact.
3. We've all seen the dreamer who loves romantic comedies and aspires for that kind of romance.  But not the dreamer who's also a bit of a drunken slut.  That's a funny edge and one we hope continues to be developed.
4. The ob-gyn office setting feels fresh.
5. Hey, the best friend is the girl who played the intern on "The Good Wife"!
6. "You look nice." "Go to hell."  Funny.
7. Stephen Tobolowsky didn't have much to do in this episode.  But we have faith.  We saw him at the airport once, having a fairly personal phone call in a loud voice on his cell phone.
8. Worth another look we think.

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