Knee-jerk review: Fox's "Glee"

1. Our patience is wearing thin, McKinley High's New Directions.
2. This show is surely one of the most illogical and ridiculous things on the air. We spend half the time analyzing the stupid plot contrivances and implausible character choices. It's like the producers aren't even trying to be realistic. Like, at all. Exhibit A: it's fundamentally impossible that the Glee Club are social pariahs so long as the varsity quarterback and two hot cheerleaders are members. That's just not how the high school hierarchy of popularity works.
3. But there's something addictively exuberant about some of the dance numbers, such as this episode's "We Got the Beat" lunchroom number or the "It's Not Unusual" number in the quad. When they work, they work.
4. But then there's all of those other stupid scenes without singing and dancing that just don't work.
5. As un-P.C. as this may sound, we're getting tired of Kurt. And his wardrobe.
6. But the person we're most tired of is Sue Sylvester. Her conflict with Mr. Schu hits the same beats in every single episode. Plus, in the real world, both of them would have been fired long ago. She's psychotic, he's pathetic.
7. Yes, Lea Michelle remains a member of the Future Ex-Mrs. Cheese Fry Club.
8. Coach Beiste is probably our favorite character.
9. We also find strange amusement in the rapid-fire "previously on" recap that comes at the top of every episode that ends abruptly with a-- "Glee!"

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