Knee-jerk review: NBC's "Prime Suspect"

1. The consensus seems to be that Maria Bello is too good for this show.
2. There's a definite haze of been-there, done-that here. How many more gritty NYPD-set police procedurals can one viewing nation tolerate?
3. It may be steeped in realism, but it's just hard for us to buy the level of antagonism, sexism, and open disgust Bello's character has to face in her own squad room. It's feels contrived. So these guys have never had to work with a woman before? Never had to face a coworker who may have pulled a string to get a promotion? We call bull.
4. Plus, the show does such a good job painting those other cops as arrogant, lazy, intolerant idiots it's very hard to muster much interest in what happens to them.
5. They're sharing a drink in the middle of the day, people. In the squad room. Hollywood thinks that makes them, you know, complex. We think it's makes them unsympathetic jackasses.
6. It's also a little precious the way everyone's got those authentic New York accents.
7. In other words, it's trying too hard and we just don't care.
8. That doesn't mean it's not polished and well-made. We're just not interested. No thank you.

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