Knee-jerk review: NBC's "The Playboy Club"

1. Hmmm. Not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. Also not at all as good as it could be.
2. Clearly a "Mad Men" ripoff, but without the somber, downbeat realism and basic-cable edgy fearlessness. It wants to be sexy, but it's stuck on NBC, people. If only it were on FX or Showtime.
3. Surely one of the show's reasons for being is to polish the Playboy brand, what with the Hugh Hefner voiceovers and whispered suggestions about how progressive and feminist the whole hot-girls-in-bunny-outfits actually is. We wonder if this show wasn't Hef's idea.
4. The Cheese Fry doesn't often throw this word around, but actress Amber Heard is beautiful. Incredibly so.
5. The 1960s mod production design may be the best part of the show. Who wouldn't want to live in that guy's two-story apartment with the circular staircase and the sliding bathroom door?
6. But come on, a Chicago mobster murder in the first 15 minutes? Really? Shouldn't you save that for sweeps at least?
7. And he's killed by... wait for it... a high heel. Get the symbolism? Nudge nudge.
8. The most interesting thing may be the logistics of the Chicago Playboy Club. You have to present a key to get through the door. And once you're there, they slide a nameplate onto the wall so everyone knows which members are present. (Wikipedia tells us that membership at the Chicago club was initially $25 a year.)
9. To us, Eddie Cibrian looks like a kid playing grown-up.
10. The best-developed character is Laura Benanti's character, the older "bunny" (should that be capitalized?) who's trying to reinvent herself.
11. It's an amusing diversion, but ultimately too fluffy.

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