Knee-jerk review: CBS' "Two Broke Girls"

1. Very charming.
2. And also doing as much as it can to at least try to look like reality, rather than a laugh-tracked alternate reality where entry-level jobs pay for huge city apartments, no one locks their front door, and everyone's acquaintance is a cutesy-quirky "character" with a snarky catchphrase.
3. We also like that the show didn't take the easy route and make spoiled rich girl Beth Behrs an airhead. Here, she clearly has a considerable education and a clear sense of decency. Which dovetails nicely with Kat Dennings' street smarts and unapologetic misanthropy.
4. Some very funny lines. Laugh out loud lines.
5. We like also the final card showing us the tally for the girls' savings. Clever running gag idea.
6. We know it's only a sitcom, but there's something vaguely feminist about the show that feels fresh and lively. Two smart, strong women (who so far don't seem to need men) pooling their resources to work for a better life.
7. Yes, Kat Dennings is hot. Especially with those boots.
8. We're not sure the show needs Garrett Morris as the cashier. We predict he'll be gone soon.

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